Big Hockey Trivia

Have you ever been apart of a bar quiz when it comes to the sport trivia portion of the night, and all you do is hope that you can parade your miraculous knowledge of ice hockey? Nevertheless instead you slide down into your seat whilst avoiding your team member’s eye sight awhile the endless football and golf questions fly right over your head.

Your knowledge of the beloved sport shouldn’t be bound to the rink, you too should be able to get respect, win honour and maybe win a drink or two by challenging your friends to the Onteca Big Hockey Quiz.

This quiz is in multiple-choice format, and let the novice beware – its designed to appeal to the dedicated fan that knows their stuff. To score well on this quiz you will need a broad historical knowledge of the game and its statistics, names and dates.

Among the specific topics included in this quiz are:

Statistical leaders
Nicknames of players
Hockey firsts
Stanley Cup winners
Coaching records
Hockey trophies and awards
Hockey music
Hockey movies

And much more.

This truly isn’t a game for you hockey charlatans, you true fans will have your knowledge tried and tested with the Onteca Big Hockey Quiz. So do you know the game? I mean, really know the game? Then prove it. Test your mettle.

Designed by our resident hockey nerd this solid offering will provide a stout challenge to even the most seasoned hockey trivia veteran.

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 iPhone, Quiz