3B Bumper Bot’s Box – BE WARNED:Even More Addictive Than Other Apps!

3B Bumper Bot’s Box – Most addictive game since Tetris
Here at Onteca we are determined to make 2010 the year of the Bots. Deriving from the Monsters vs. Robots game Monsteca Corral, 3B Bumper Bot’s Box follows on the robot trend with a frustratingly addictive fast paced puzzle game.
This tongue-twisting name of a game pushes the player’s accuracy levels to the limit, firing an assortment of coloured cubes around the grid need to be intercepted. The player must think fast and act just as quick in order to get the cubes in their designated stations.
Sounds easy you may think! Hardly. 3B Bumper Bot’s Box starts you out slow gradually releasing cubes from the Robot generator, however as the speed picks up this game takes multitasking to a whole new level.
Index finger accuracy is key, colour blindness is a definite no no, and the restraint not to throw your iPhone at the wall out of frustration is a must have.
So if you can say 3B Bumper Box Bots three times fast without spitting over yourself then you are half way there to having what it takes to try this new app out.
Unfortunately at Onteca we have not been so lucky. Raincoats were at the ready in the office, one colleague suffered severe dehydration after attempting to say the name of the game 10 times in a row and another colleague’s iPhone was confiscated whilst trying to beat his highest score.

NOTE: No iPhones were hurt during the making of this game. Onteca will not be liable for any abused iPhones, damaged walls or hospitals bills for injured fingers.

Available on the App Store.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 iPhone