Big Soccer Quiz HD

Big Soccer Quiz is the perfect app for challenging yourself and your
friends, to see who knows the most about footy!
The most comprehensive quiz title now tackles the beautiful game:from
Anfield to Zidan, and Ardiles to Zico. Over 2000 football questions will
test your knowledge of football, covering everything from the inception of
the professional game to the latest World Cup show case in South Africa.
Big Soccer Quiz will sort out from those aiming for the treble from
those battling relegation. Just make sure you bring your your strongest
eleven …if you want to Ace That Big Footy Quiz!

With a wide range of questions form all over the World on subject such as:

Classic Players
Famous Quotes
Famous games
World Cup
European Cup
Top Scorers

Play alone or pass it among your friends to see who’s got the biggest brain,
do you Know:

Which football team is the only one to appear in the Bible (Queen of The
how many goals Pele scored in his illustrious career?
Who the Won the Golden boot in the 1966, 1990 or 2004 Wold Cups?

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 iPad, Quiz